Thai Street Food

How to Order

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Choice Your Protein:

Most of our dishes are available with chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or vegetables at the listed price. Add an extra portion of your choice of these proteins for an additional $1.50 per entrée.

Shrimp is available for an additional $1.00 ($10.00 total for most entrées). Add an additional three jumbo shrimp to your order for an extra $2.00 per entrée.

If you’d like a combination, this is available for an additional $3.00 per entrée ($12.00 total for most entrées).

Choose Your Sauce Level:

For certain items such as our noodle dishes please select one of the following options:

Choose Your Spice Level:

Our food is prepared with a traditional, high degree of spiciness. We do not provide refunds for dishes that are too spicy, so please be conservative the first time you try our food or a new item; our “Medium” is most restaurants’ “Thai hot”!

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